Welcome to Calendar Pin
A simple tool for managing appointments on demand

Three different ways to use it

  • TimeFrame
  • TimeSlot
  • Appointment

1. Create a TimeFrame

Create a block of appointments where you define the length, location, reminders and cancellability.

2. Fill your TimeSlots

Provide the link to your timeframe and let others select an appointment slot. CalendarPin takes care of reminders, cancellation and wait lists to maximize your visits.

3. Communicate with your visitors

Use your TimeFrame window to keep in touch with your appointment holders before, during and after your appointments.

Some Examples of Ways to use Calendar Pin

Here are some examples of reasons you may want to use Calendar Pin!

  • Show your house or apartment

    If you need to do showings of your home or apartment use Calendar Pin to let prospective buyers and tenants pick their show time.

  • See Clients

    Professionals or Small Business owners can use Calendar Pin to lighten their workload by letting Calendar Pin manage the appointments.

  • Organize Teams using a sporting location

    Soccer Fields, Baseball Diamonds or Hockey Rinks. Let the teams organize their usage.

  • Volunteer Schedules

    Let volunteers sign up to help with tasks or events.

  • Interviews!

    Let interviewees choose from available timeslots that you define.

  • Visitors

    New baby or sick family member? Hospital rooms can be small and visitors may be limited. Fair blocks of time to choose from.

Free to Use!

This service is offered free of charge and with your privacy and security in mind. Have up to 3 active TimeFrames at no cost.